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What this site provides

Here we aim to provide information useful to those working with and on the MUSCAT instrument as operators along with descriptions of the performance of MUSCAT as measured during lab verification and engineering runs. We describe the various control systems and hardware components of MUSCAT and what influence these have on the raw data and science products from MUSCAT.

What this site does not provide

This site does not and will not provide real-time telemetry from or interfacing to the MUSCAT control systems. Nor is any form of scheduling information given. It does not provide details or instructions for non-standard maintenance or work on the instrument.

Content requests

This website is based on a GitHub repository, requests for additional content or information, which are within the scope laid out above, should be made by opening an issue on the repository.

Citing this site

This site is the work of the MUSCAT collaboration and is made openly available for the benefit of users of MUSCAT and the community as a whole. It is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence excepting where specifically noted.

We kindly ask authors referencing this site to cite it as:

MUSCAT Collaboration (2021). The MUSCAT User Guide [online]. Available at:

Some pages of this site contain an author(s) to cite line, when citing pages please use the following citation replacing the first "author(s)" as needed.

Author(s) and the MUSCAT Collaboration (2021). The MUSCAT User Guide [online]. Available at:

An up to date list of the MUSCAT collaboration can be downloaded here as a PDF or in various formats here.